Chairman's Message

Dear Children,
Education does not signify bookish knowledge and certification, but also to learn about life to live and accommodate with people having different attitudes towards life and developing individual skills and excellence through constant endeavour and perseverance to attain the all-round development of a dynamic personality.

As we live in an era of knowledge-based economy, so our aim is to provide the practical and knowledge-based education, which will place the child at the highest pedestal in today’s highly competitive and fast developing world.

Understanding the cosmic reality we have idealized the creativity, so that we could provide our learners a facilitated learning platform. We believe in creating learner- friendly environment, where every learner will get ample opportunity and freedom to grow without stress and fear. At the same time we train our media-obsessed and tech- savvy teenagers who will look for lucrative job options in the jittery corporate markets.
I wish and welcome you to join our CSPS family with a pleasing and positive note.

Subhash S.Deore
Chhatrapati Shivaji Public School
Haranmal, Dhule.